Ninube Chochu

Locust Clan Clan Champion


Somehow Chochu became the karo of the Ninube Daimyo and turned away from the Shadow Dragon.

Chochu learned to spy upon the other realms from Daigotsu’s example, and when this year the Ninube were prepared for the arrival of the Eighth Dragon, the Obsidian Dragon. The Dragon was born and appeared where the previous Onnotangu’s avatar, the Champion of the Moon, fell to Takao, the Imperial Throne room at Otosan Uchi. The Ninube bound the still weak Obsidian Dragon upon its arrival.

The Ninube services to the empire were recognized by the Togashi Emperor upon his ascension. They became the Locust clan and were given a mandate and a supervisor. That led Chochu into challenging Hoseki, the first Clan CHampion of the Locust, who after offering her Seppuku to the Doom of Obsidian.

Ninube Chochu

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