Kasuga Jaap

the Jade Tortoise


- Parents: Kasuga Toraki, Smuggler, Presumed lost to the Sea of Shadows.
Kasuga Kate, Smuggler, Presumed lost to the Sea of Shadows.
- Spouse: Kasuga Masaji, Kojiro of the Kasuga
- Siblings: None (At least to his knowledge)
- Children: Ichiro
- Yojimbo: Kasuga Tomaru, Bushi, formerly of the Shiba.
- Ward: Kasuga no Someisa Sakura, nonhuman, toddler.
- Assignment: Governor of Shandy Shore Town.
- Favorite Weapon: Jaded rapier.


- Returned to the Imperial City and started working his contacts.
- Met with Daidoji Fuyari and Soshi Fumiko and made a breakthrough.
- Fought valiantly and brought honor to his clan and family in the battle of the Ruined City but gained the enmity of the infamous undead Garren Hawthorne.
- Located the monk that used to be his uncle in the Temple of the Sun. The monk died in the Day Heavens Wept, after testifying.
- Got married to his Kojiro. He was given governorship of the Shandy Shore Town, the port of Kyuden Kasuga.
- Negotiated the Scorpion, Tortoise Alliance. Soshi Fumiko is to marry a Kasuga, The Tortoise clan has expanded its operations in the Scorpion lands, undermining the Mantis operations in the area.
- Was invited to spend Winter Year 5 at Ryoko Owari.

Kasuga Jaap

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