-    The Clan of Akodo is commended for its honor. It shall continue to serve as our Right Hand.

-    The Clan of Bayushi is praised for its devotion to the empire. It shall continue to be our Underhand.

-    The Clan of Lady Doji is commended for its service to the Empire during both the previous dynasties.. They shall continue to serve as our Left Hand.

-    The Clan of Fu-Leng is chastised for their presumptions and their crimes. Their cursed members are banned from Rokugan. They are ordered to assist the Crab in their duty.

-    The Clan of Hida is commended for their vigilance. They know their duty. They shall annex the lands to their South up to Shinsei's Last Hope. They shall oversee the reeducation of the Spider.

-    The Clan of Shiba is chastised for their failure to teach the rest of Rokugan in celestial matters and are reminded their mandate. The Agasha shall become an Imperial Family.

-    The Clan of Lady Shinjo is chastised for their presumptions. They will serve us as our eyes outside Rokugan. The Moto are exiled from Rokugan.

-    The Clan of the Son of Storms is chastised for their presumption. They are demoted to Minor Clan status. The families of the Mantis shall also revert to Minor clan status or join one of the other Great Clans.

-    The former Imperial families are thanked for their services and are dismissed. Their members are encouraged to swear new vows to new lords.

-    The Locust minor clan is founded. Its first daimyo shall be Hoseki, formerly of the Kuni. They are also given the City of Night as their ancestral lands. Their duty is to study the City and report their insights to the Obsidian Office.

-    The clan of Togashi is disbanded. The Mirumoto, the Kitsuki and the Togashi shall become Imperial families. The Tamori shall join the Agasha family, as a vassal family.

-    To signify the start of the Age of Man the use of the Isawa Calendar is forfeit. This is year 1 of the Age of Man.

-    The Nezumi, Naga, Jokujin and Kenku are recognised samurai status. Crab and Lion are ordered to stop using Jokujin in mines.

Thus spoke Emperor Togashi the First and last of his name, 5 years ago.

The Jade Empire

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