Ryoko Owari Toshi

Ryoko Owari Toshi (S3), or Journey's End City was possibly the second largest city in Rokugan after the capital. It was located in the Ryoko province.
The city was alternately called City of Lies, City of Stories, City of Green Walls, City That Dung Built, or the popular shortened form, Ryoko Owari. In the Crab Clan only it was called Reeking Scorpion Cesspool or Rotting Scorpion Cesspool. 
The city maintained a mask of legitimacy as Rokugan's center for medicinal opium trade. Poppies were grown in vast fields that surround the city, and it's involvement in the opium trade (both legal and illegal) made the city very profitable for its rulers.

Local History:
The city was founded by Shosuro Kaneie in the 5th century under the rule of Hantei IX. It was a simple fort, with a nearby small town north of the fort named the "Journey's End" in hopes of attracting settlers. The city would be known as the "City of Green Walls" because the original city walls were quarried from local limestone. The city was still a small fort under the rule of the Sixth Governor, Shosuro Kurodo. His ground-breaking policies led to the prosperity of the city, that would lead Ryoko Owari to became the second biggest city of the Empire. It was also under his reign when the kajinin firemen appeared. The river that neatly bisected the village soon became an attraction for merchants from other clans, and the village soon became a city. The fertile fields surrounding the city were home to vast crops of opium, harvested, processed, and distributed for medicinal purposes. During its history Crab, Lion and Unicorn have antagonized Scorpion control to little long tern effect. 

In 1122, Ryoko Owari was the place of the Opium War. This same year, a Moon cult rose an undead army. They were eventually disrupted by Crane Emerald magistrates. 

After the failure of the Scorpion Coup, the city was occupied by the Imperial Legions. Unicorn merchants, mostly of the Ide family, took over administrative functions after the Coup.

In 1127, in the month of the Dog, Crab forces seized and pillaged Ryoko Owari Toshi after defeating two of the Imperial Legions guarding the city. Sanru no Oni had descended into the city and began killing armed resisters.

In 1128, after the Second Day of Thunder, the Emperor Toturi I order to return order to the city. In 1130, in the month of the Serpent, with the Scorpion Clan sent into exile, the Unicorn seized control of the city. The city remained under Unicorn rule even when the rest of Scorpion lands were returned to their original holders by Toturi I in 1132.

In 1150 the spirit's legions threatened the City of Lies. Bayushi Paneki reported to the Crab Clan Champion's husband, Hida Yasamura, that the Scorpion could not stand against the Hida Tsuneo's armies. Hida O-Ushi, who had been supporting Hantei XVI since the beginning of the war, decided to send Yasamura leading the Crab cavalry to fight her own kinsmen. The Crab and the Scorpion won the day in the Battle of Drowned Honor, but Yasamura died by an arrow in his throat.

Ryoko Owari was the place where Kaneka announced to the Empire that he was the son of the Emperor Toturi I in 1155. Three years later, in 1158, the Emperor was supposedly on his way to Ryoko Owari Toshi when he was ambushed and killed by a Shadowlands force led by an oni.
In 1159 Ryoko Owari was restored to order by Shinjo Magistrates. Until a new Emperor was chosen, the Miya placed a Shinjo to succeed the murdered Shosuro governor, while the Scorpion would continue to be allowed to place their magistrates in the city and help maintain the peace.

Hantei Naseru elected Ryoko Owari as his headquarters, and many clans had begun relocating their most skilled and influential courtiers and ambassadors to the city. In 1160, in the month of the Dragon, Akodo Kaneka attacked Toturi Naseru's power base in Ryoko Owari Toshi, in the Siege of Ryoko Owari.

In 1166 the Scorpion managed to negotiate the return of control from the Unicorn. Bayushi Tsimaru was appointed as new governor aided by Shosuro Maru. As a renewal of the Dragon-Scorpion Alliance the three Dragon monk Orders dispatched a large contingent of their monks to reconsecrate the city's temples in the name of the Scorpion.

In 1168 an uncontrolled riot at Ryoko Owari larger than any in history wracked the City of Lies. Only the students at the Dojo of Bitter Lies saved the city from destruction. Later it was found that Kokujin, the Prophet of the Dark Lotus, had been spread the revolution ideas on the villagers.

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Ryoko Owari Toshi

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