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Welcome to the Jade Empire, an L5R 4th Edition campaign set in a non-canon setting.

Post Race to the Throne, the Celestial Tournament did happen, with different rules and in its aftermath Togashi ascended to fulfill his karma. That was 5 years back. Since then the Togashi Reformation and the Last Tao have changed many aspects of Rokugan.

The first Chapter of this campaign takes place in the Ryoko Owari Toshi, where the PCs have gathered to spend winter.

The current troupe is the following:

- Daidoji Fuyari, an Iron Crane.

- Kasuga Jaap, a filthy smuggler with lots of connections.

- Soshi Fumiko, a void-touched Deceiver.


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Pleas note that the portal is still work in progress and it is being updated as often as I can. Thanks for your understanding.


Main Page

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