Tag: Scorpion Clan


  • Ryoko Owari Toshi

    Ryoko Owari Toshi (S3), or Journey's End City was possibly the second largest city in Rokugan after the capital. It was located in the Ryoko province.
    The city was alternately called City of Lies, City of Stories, City of Green Walls, City …

  • Shosuro Rokujo

    - Was transferred to the Scorpion embassy in the Imperial Capital. - Started working with Soshi Fumiko. - Fought in the batle of the Ruined City. Noone noticed.

  • Soshi Fumiko

    - Studied in the Hidden Moon Dojo in Shiro no Soshi. - Was tasked to Investigate the Night of the Assassins. - Met with [[:shosuro-rokujo | Shosuro Rokujo]] and started cooperating. - Fought valiantly and brought honor to her clan and family the Day …

  • Bayushi Akimaru

    The Guard Commander of Ryoko Owari Toshi has been recently appointed in this new post by the righing governor for his success in reigning the various gangs that used to trouble the city.

  • Soshi Natsuo

    He is at least three hundred years old, but he claims being even older. He has some issues with perceiving reality. He refuses to leave Shiro no Soshi. In recent years he speaks only to his students and avoids meeting in person people he does not know. He …

  • Shosuro Jiroko

    Once the favoured student of the respected Imperial Councellor Bayushi Kaukatsu, Jiroku raised a lot of eye brows when she claimed the City of Pleasure after his death. Taking advantage of the Togashi Reformation, she brutally broke any control the …