Soshi Fumiko

the Doom of Obsidian


- Parents: Soshi Natsuo, Shugenja, Sensei, Gaki.
Naruko, monk, Order of Tenjin
- Siblings: Soshi Tsugaki, Shugenja.
- Sensei: Soshi Natsuo.
- Yojimbo: Soshi Miroko
- Assignment: Investigate the Night of the Assassins. Karo to the Governor of Ryoko Owari Shosuro Jiroko.


- Studied in the Hidden Moon Dojo in Shiro no Soshi.
- Was tasked to Investigate the Night of the Assassins.
- Met with Shosuro Rokujo and started cooperating.
- Fought valiantly and brought honor to her clan and family the Day Heavens Wept.
- She killed the Obsidian Champion as a punishment. She became the Doom of Obsidian. She has the cleansed Obsidian Armor and the cleansed Ancestral Sword of the Hantei since then.
- Her mother retired and joined the Order of Tenjin.
- Received the vows of many people.
- Arranged to marry Kasuga no Someisa Ichiro, a Tortoise spirit from Sakaku.
- Allowed the seppuku of Ninube Hoseki. Accepted the vows of Ninube Chochu in the City of the Night circa year 5.

Soshi Fumiko

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