Kakita Kyruko

Crane Clan Ambassador to Ryoko Owari


Kyruko was born in 1121, niece to the Kakita Daimyo Kakita Kaiten. She displayed a potent mixture of charm, cunning, and swordsmanship. She was also skilled at performing the Tea Ceremony. Kyruko had a rapier wit, and her exquisite beauty left a trail of broken hearts.

Kyruko became a spoiled samurai, and her brash demeanor led her to several brawls and duels, even illegal ones, at least three times. Kaiten was embarrassed of his niece, though he protected her from the repercussions of her outbursts.

In recent years it is common knowledge that her assignment is nothing more than a punishment for past failures and a polite way for the Crane to allow the Scorpion to keep her as hostage for some unknown sins she has committed in the past.

Kakita Kyruko

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