Kakita Kenso-In

the Obsidian Hand


Kakita Kensho-in was a bushi, artisan and duelist of the Crane Clan. Recently she has gained the blessing of the Lady Hitomi in the form of the Obsidian hand.

Kensho-in was born with an affliction, of sorts. An ailment that drove her to commit acts of violence at every opportunity, without any scruples. She used the violence as a mean of advancing in her career.


She passed her gempukku in 1160. She was one of the favored students of Kakita Noritoshi in her time at the kaita Dueling Academy.

During the Battle for Sunset Tower she confronted Megumi, who had taken the eye of Kakita Noritoshi years ago. She rushed into the Tower and locked the blind duelist in personal combat. Dragon forces appeared, but she did not take care and killed Megumi.

After the Day Heavens Wept within the House of the Evening Festival, a sake house in the Crane city of Tsuma, Shosuro Maru joined Kensho-in at her table, where they discussed Kensho-in’s history of lies, deceit, and murder, all in the name of the Crane Clan. Kensho-in was horrified at being forced to live through her three most significant sins all over again thanks to Maru’s powers. Maru explained that she admired Kensho-in for embracing her violent and murderous nature and honing it as a weapon for the Crane. She then turned Kensho-in’s right hand into the new Obsidian Hand.

Kakita Kenso-In

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