Daidoji Yoyonagi

Daidoji Fuyari's naughty wife


Yoyonagi holds the distinction of being the youngest student accepted to the illustrious schools on Tempest Island. What was not discussed was that the young woman was not a particularly good student, but had achieved the appointment through her skills of manipulation. After two long, barely fruitful years of difficult times trying to communicate with the kami, the young woman was offered, and accepted a transfer to the Yoritomo Courtier school at Toshi no Inazuma. She also had been trained at Amaterasu Seido, Grand Song Dojo, and in the Yoritomo Courtier school at Tempest Island.

Following the ascension of Togashi she married into the Daidoji family. Alongside her husband Daidoji Fuyari she moved initially to Kyuden Hida and then Yasuki Yashiki. By year 5 she is among Daidoji Naoharu’s best merchants and many feel that she will soon jjoin the Daidoji Trading Council.

Daidoji Yoyonagi

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